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Phantom of the Opera One-of-a-Kind clay and cloth Dolls, Miniature figures and Jewellery by Leigh ALlan, Originals by LE
The Phantom Erik and Christine at the Mirror. Clay sculpture by Leigh Allan
Phantom Jewellery Gallery
1993 Phantom of the Opera Tribute film & Christine Dress


Monsieur, Madame,
I have a note, {29-5-18}
Some of you may have wondered where I've been for a very long time - no Phantom jewellery, no Phantom dolls. The simple answer is I've been writing books. Or trying to. And if anyone writes books they know one either writes books or does crafts. It's next to impossible to do both if you want to get something done, unless you're twenty, which sadly, I'm not. ;-)

I've crafted most of my life and love it so I'll probably be back to it at some point. When I do, I'll post messages on my two Facebook pages as well as here, of course.

I'd like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all who visit this site - please don't stop. There's always something interesting to see. This is the Phantom of the Opera Doll Gallery, after all.

And a special HUGE THANK YOU to those who have purchased my work over the years. You know who you are.
I've been very lucky.

Inspiration: Michael Crawford, my Phantom

Monsieur, Madame...

It is with great pleasure I welcome you to this candlelit maze of Phantom of the Opera dolls, miniature figurines and jewellery that have been lovingly crafted from clay and in the case of dolls, in fine cloth and ornaments, since 1992.

Though many Phantom dolls have been created over more than 20 years only a few were photographed. The page has large graphics so please allow to download.
(Please let me know if you have trouble downloading or it takes too long.)

The miniatures (around 6-inches), were the first clay figures I ever designed, starting in 1992, so they hold a special place still on their respective pages.

Each sculpture, Erik, Christine, and other Phantom characters, whether as 18-inch or 10-inch dolls, as miniature figures or as jewellery, all are a one-of-a-kind creations and unique.

Since 1975 I've produced a wide range of handmade clay artwork as Originals by LE, and have sold to shops, galleries, boutiques, celebrities and collectors around the world.

Sculptures are created from polymer clay, fired and painted with acrylic and sealed with glaze. In the case of 18-inch dolls, the heads, hands and shoes are sculpted from clay, the body is stuffed and the clothing is handsewn from fine, often vintage fabrics. 10-inch dolls are all clay bodies with the same fine hand-tailored clothes.
Read some testimonials from happy owners below and throughout the site.



Proud fan of Michael Crawford
The Phantom and the MCIFA
Proud fan of Michael Crawford
'The Phantom'
and the MCIFA since 1992

Mirror revealed Phantom
Hand-Sculpted Dolls Miniatures & Jewellery
Phantom art
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Phantom art
Phantom Doll Gallery Page


Phantom Doll Gallery Page
Phantom Miniature Figures and Scenes
Phantom Miniature Figures and Scenes
Note: images in this gallery are vintage
Phantom Jewellery Gallery Page
Phantom Jewellery Gallery Page
  Christine contemplates unmasking Erik Antique Gold and Bronze pendant necklace
  'Come to Me Angel' Antique Gold and Bronze pendant necklace
  Mask & Rose Necklace
  Mask Pin with red rose and filigree
Phantom Miscellaneous
Phantom Miscellaneous
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Love to hear from you.

Phantom is a magical obsession.

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I'm proud to have such lovely comments from happy owners.
Many more can be found throughout the site

"Got the charm yesterday and it's all that I wanted plus more. Thanks a million for taking the time to make this for me/her and I shall let you know how she takes it though I'm sure she will love it."


"I really do love your work. The detail you put into the pieces is always so lovely"


"Erik (altered-art doll) has arrived, he's even better in person! :D Thank you so much, the presentation was lovely too, loved the rose ;) Thank you so much for this :D"


"Your website is amazing and I'm loving all the products."


"The dolls have arrived safe and sound, and I absolutely treasure them. They're *beautiful*, and all the wonderful details and flourishes on them are absolutely *amazing*. Just gorgeous.
I can't thank you enough."

FE - England

"I'm writing to say that I absolutely love my new Erik doll. When I opened him yesterday I got the surprise of my life...he's the most beautiful Christmas present I've ever received!"

I love his face, and his disfigurement is perfect, exactly like Michael Crawford's makeup. I also love the way you've written O.G. on the inside of the mask. Afterall, it would be terrible for him if he lost it!
Thank you for making such a beautiful doll.
I'll treasure him always."

SW- England

"Eric, arrived at my house today.
Thank you very much. It reached me in very good condition.
What I did first was to give a story to Eric.
Eric is the evidence of the thing that I like, music.
Thank you for giving me a treasure and for everything you did."

AH - Japan

"'He (the Phantom doll) is absolutely PHANTASTIC, and his resemblance to Mr. Michael Crawford as "The Phantom Of The Opera" {whose Phantom he is made from} is absolutely spot-on. His face is beautifully, grotesquely perfect. I LOVE it. And I LOVE his eyes too. I LOVE the whole doll - masked and unmasked.'"

JC - Australia

Phantom art

Phantom skull staff
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